Slice of TADSummit: Open Source

In this weblog we review the presentations focused on open source telecom software at TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021. The presentations include:

APIBAN: Protecting you from unwanted SIP traffic

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Fred Posner, Senior VoIP Engineer, VoIP Consultant, LOD Communications

  • APIBAN helps identify known bad actors before they attack your system
  • Simple API queries / JSON responses
  • Open Source client to automatically integrate into iptables
  • Free (as in beer) service from

SentryPeer, A distributed list of bad IP addresses and phone numbers collected via a SIP Honeypot.

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Gavin Henry, CIO at TelcoSwitch and SureVoIP Founder.

  • What is SentryPeer? A distributed list of bad IP addresses and phone numbers collected via a SIP Honeypot.
  • Why is it different?
  • Technology Description
  • Results so far
  • Please contribute!

Open Source Telecom Survey 2021 Results & Discussion

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There’s lots of content, its best to review on the weblog to find the bits of interest.

Alan Quayle, Independent Consultant in Programmable Communications

  • This is our 3rd year of the survey, thank you for your continued support.
    • We received 114 responses to the general survey, +163 project survey responses giving a total of 277 received.
  • The general survey covered: Security, Serverless, STIR/SHAKEN, barriers and benefits of OSS, telcos and OSS, Training, IoT, and general geographic / category info.
  • Training: An interesting dichotomy is where people do not expect to pay for training when investigating a project but will pay when the project is part of their business.
    • pricing is interesting. It’s free if you just want to learn, if you want the training recognized, then there’s a fee. This enables people to investigate for free, and then if they require support, the training needs to be verified. This avoids training through support.
  • Open Source telecom software is part of a suite of open source projects used.
    • Perhaps we should investigate dominant architectures?
  • Companies that use open source make a long-term commitment to building an organization that understands open source, and is committed to owning the product, its roadmap, and the customer experience.
    • Companies successful with open source do not happen overnight, they are built over years.
  • Documentation, documentation, documentation
    • Check out Twilio – but we need to find a way to help solve this industry-wide issue.
  • Recommendations on what we need to do as an industry.

Project Fonos: Voice assistant built for the web

<check out the replay here>

Pedro Sanders, Project Leader, Telecom Hacker, Fonoster Inc

Interactive fun-filled workshop runs on Saturday 27 Nov @ 0900-1200 EST. Yes that’s a Saturday! Sign-up here.

Fonoster will conduct a Programmable Voice workshop in collaboration with EICT PUCMM as part of the TADSummit EMEA/Americas(Online) 2021 on 27 Nov @ 0900 EST to spread the knowledge on the use of telematics to solve everyday problems.

0900 – 1030 AI/ML Crash Course
0930 – 0950 Intro to VoIP and Programmable Voice
0950 – 1000 Break -> Join the Slack community to claim your DID
1000 – 1050 Setting the environment (Dialogflow, Fonoster Account, etc)
1050 – 1100 Break -> Join the Slack community to claim your DID
1100 – 1200 Practical exercises

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