STROLID Keynote, vCons: A Proposal for an Open Standard for Conversation Data

Video and Slides


STROLID Keynote, vCons: A Proposal for an Open Standard for Conversation Data

Presented on 8th December live session 3PM CET-5PM CET

Thomas Howe, CTO STROLID

  • From Voice to Everything: How conversations have changed in the past 100 years
  • Elements of Conversations: Messaging, voice, participants
  • Gathering the Conversation: A single container for a conversation
  • Conversations as Data: Using conversations for analysis, collaboration and decision making
  • Call to Action: Workgroup on Defining Conversations


We have iCal and vCards, yet we do not have vCons. An open standards for sharing conversation data. Thomas shared the components of a conversation:

  • Transcript
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Participants
  • Metadata

There’s lots of talk about conversations, yet it all remains in silos. With vCons we’ll finally be able to share conversation data. Carrier’s could authenticate conversations. Legal will finally have authenticated verbal agreements in compliance with PII (its processed through a PII function). Software will be able to use conversations, and the broader ecosystem can innovate with that data and insights.

Just like shipping containers, those 8x8x10ft boxes we see everywhere, costs are drastically reduced and a global industry exploded around that simple open standard.

Thomas proposes we create an open standard using Github, we engage the developer community through TADHack, and we create the standard just like vCards, RFC6350. Come join the vCons party by contacting Thomas, his details are in the video.