Slice of TADSummit: Telco

In this weblog we review the presentations focused on Telcos at TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021. The presentations include:

Radisys Keynote: How Programmable Digital Engagement Can Evolve Customer Experience Past Voice & Messaging

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Adnan Saleem, CTO – Software and Cloud Solutions, Radisys; and Al Balasco, SVP Communications Solutions, Radisys.

Today’s digitally powered economy is set to take off. By leveraging the high-bandwidth, low-latency network services, operators use APIs to expose their network services, allowing a vast community of new mobile and web application developers to create new experiences without telephony communications infrastructure expertise. With the rapid advances in fixed and wireless networks, such as 5G, service providers are in a position to leverage this new programmable communications paradigm to facilitate a new wave of innovation in immersive real-time communications, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Media Analytics, and Edge Computing applications.

Radisys enables a range of new digital engagement applications that can help service providers innovate and increase revenue. Rather than relying on just voice-first capabilities, service providers powered by Radisys Engage can open their networks to the innovation of programmable AI, Speech Analytics, and Computer Vision and create unique applications that will attract and retain consumers and businesses.

You will learn:

  • How conversational AI-based Video Virtual Assistants to automate customer engagement
  • How conversational in-call assistants can performs biometric authentication, reduce background noise on live calls, and more
  • How to use virtual assistants for hyper-personalized digital commerce in AR/VR applications

ayoba: a case-study of an operator-led OTT initiative

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Yusuf Kaka, Head of Technology, ayoba. Eero Tarjanne, Head of Business and Ecosystem Development, ayoba.

  • It’s not inside, it’s onnnn top: (telcos can do telco.)
  • Proximity matters: (how far away is enough to avoid being sucked into the engine?)
  • Who’s got the most data?
  • Balancing the ecosystem: (or how to convince small fish that they too can be friends with the whale shark)
  • Where are all the devs? (or the challenge of attracting good dev skills to an old industry)

A multi sided marketplace platform for telco enabled products

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Werner Eriksen, CTO WorkingGroupTwo

Why has there been so much more innovation in the web- and mobile than other industries? One reason is that the internet and the two major mobile platforms have been great at enabling third party developers to build a wide range of products, as well as offering a great distribution channel towards end-users.

We believe this multi sided marketplace approach is the next step for the telecom industry as well. WGTWO has created a programmable mobile core network, built as a platform, API’ed and delivered as-a-service, along with marketplaces where operators, developers and end-users interact.

This enables 3rd party developers to create great products that people love – helping operators to start using and redistributing these products – and allowing subscribers to find, add, and manage extra products on top of their price plans.Making this a reality is not straightforward.

Let us share our journey, where we started – where we are right now – and the direction we are heading.

Is Mobile Identity, still an opportunity for telcos?

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Jesus Cruz Manjavacas, VAS Development Expert at PLAY

  • What indeed is Mobile Identity?
  • Which are the security threads and benefits for users and service providers that Mobile Identity could bring?
  • The talk will give you a different view about this topic, from a mobile operator perspective. I will show you some production usec ases currently used in our Play Identity GW, ending up by talking about which are the main challenges telcos have to still try to succeed, and how to monetize it.