Next Month is TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021

TADSummit is the event for programmable communications since 2013. All presentations, workshops, and panel discussions will be given during the month of November 2021. The draft agenda is available here, and will be continuously updated.

Thank you to our sponsors AWA NetworksAutomat BerlinSTROLID, and Radisys for making TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021 possible.

There’s still time to add your presentation to the agenda. We’re covering all aspects of programmable communications, with a focus on applications, media CPaaS, identity, communication enabled business processes, conversation intelligence, open source, and a review of TADHack Global 2021.

We’re going to be virtual again (prolonged pandemic) with a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions. We plan on 22-23rd Nov being the core of the live sessions running from 3-5PM CET / 9-11¬†ET for the keynotes. Around that core we will have live workshops and pre-recorded sessions.

Check out all our past TADSummits, it’s an amazing journey, and massive repository of no BS knowledge in programmable communications: TADSummit Asia 2021TADSummit EMEA Americas 2020TADSummit Asia 2020TADSummit Americas 2019TADSummit EMEA 2019TADSummit 2018TADSummit 2017TADSummit 2016TADSummit 2015TADSummit 2014TADSummit 2013

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