TADSummit Americas 2019 Summary


TADSummit Americas 2019 ran on the 15-16 Oct, in parallel with the IIT RTC Conference. This weblog provides a few pointers to navigating the world class content we created.

Thank you to TeleSign and Mio for sponsoring TADSummit Americas, all our partners (VoIP Innovations, Apidaze, IIT RTC Conf, IIT RTC Labs, Mind Commerce, Aplisay, The Fast Mode, Disruptive Analysis), all the world-class presenters, and both the in-person and remote attendees.

An important USP for TADSummit is ‘no BS’, this may seem like a ‘duh’ statement. But check out now much BS permeates the programmable telecoms / communications sector in my opening address. This clouds the decisions of many business and customers in programmable telecoms. We have to stamp it out, and demand more honest marketing.

All the sessions are insightful and worth your time. A highly recommend you listen to the panel discussions, we have a world-class line-up on the panels, and the discussions are insightful and fun. Some of the one-liners I’m going to be using 😉 All the panels are excellent, and check out these panels:

We have keynotes from Eric Burger, the current CTO of the FCC; and Henning Schulzrinne, previous CTO of the FCC. Both are worth your time, with Henning having some excellent analysis I’ll be reusing.

Below I show the 4 weblogs that summarize the content created with videos and slides (where available) included.

Day 1 Morning

Day 1 Afternoon

Day 2 Morning

Day 2 Afternoon

Thank you to everyone who helped create TADSummit Americas 2019 a unique, world-class event.

And don’t forget we have TADSummit EMEA coming up on the 19-20 Nov in London!