CPaaS Analytics – Insights into the Long Tail, Sandarenu Madan Arachchige, hSenid Mobile

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Outline: CPaaS Analytics – Insights into the Long Tail

Sandarenu Madan Arachchige, Software Architect, hSenid Mobile

  • hSenid Mobile has been the silent provider of the technology – our CPaaS, where with our Telco partners in the forefront, created eco-systems that have innovated and brought localized services needed by the community from the community.
  • Our CPaaS platforms made it possible for anyone to create applications using Telco APIs. Success of Ideamart in Sri Lanka and bdApps in Bangladesh which are powered by hSenid CPaaS shows the impact of Long-Tail to CPaaS and Telcos.
  • Running a Long-Tail platform involves its own challenges mainly on developer screening and content governance.
  • Integration of advanced analytics and machine learning models helps us to mitigate the risks associated with the platform.
  • With a continuously growing ecosystem, CPaaS analytics has provided the insight to manage quality at all levels
  • Learn how analytics in our CPaaS has been a catalyst to improve developer engagement as well as customer satisfaction

Presentation Review

You can ask Sandarenu questions in the comments section of this weblog, or contact hSenid Mobile directly.

The Ideamart CPaaS is 10 years old. It’s mature, and entering a product extension phase. Most CPaaS are not as mature, so the insights Sandarenu provides are important across the programmable communications industry. For background information, here’s a presentation from Shafraz (then Ideamart, now Google) on Ideamart from 2016.

Congratulation to hSenid Mobile Solutions on being close to 25 years of innovation and proven expertise. I’ve known them for over 15 of those years.

They provide Telco grade platforms, combining Telco APIs, Analytics and Signaling for Telecommunication Companies. Their enterprise communication platforms enable businesses to effortlessly create, use and manage diverse SMS and other real-time communication applications.

Sandarenu explains how analytics have become central to the value of the platform through:

  • Pattern identification;
  • Fraud detection;
  • Customer experience; and
  • Developer experience.

Patterns include subscription and unsubscription patterns. When the platform launched chat and joke apps were popular. Today that is clearly not the case, but they can see where apps or app categories are trending. Patterns across location, demographics, subscription channel (SMS, USSD, Web, Android App) help in quantifying marketing campaign performance, and where the trendy offline to online marketing is working and where not.

On content governance, they’re able to identify content duplication, something Reddit could do with 😉 And filter content to meet each country’s sometimes quite strict content restrictions.

For developers they have subscriber insights, can quantify the effectiveness of content and campaigns. And critically the historical data to know what’s typical for particular app categories, or demographics, or regions. With analytics the CPaaS becomes a business partner; helping developers spot new trends, and identify weaknesses in their platform or go-to-market.

Thank you Sandarenu for an insightful presentation on the importance of analytics to CPaaS.

4 thoughts on “CPaaS Analytics – Insights into the Long Tail, Sandarenu Madan Arachchige, hSenid Mobile”

  1. Thank you Sandarenu for an excellent review on the importance of analytics to the future of CPaaS. I have a few questions:

    1) What are the technologies you use for the analytics engine?

    2) Fraud is a hot topic, and I wonder if you could share a little more on some of the ways analytics detects potential fraud.

    3) As soon as you mentioned duplicate content, I immediately thought about all the reposting on Reddit 🙂 Could you provide a couple of examples of duplicate content, thanks.

    4) Non-developers have been an important part of Ideamart’s success. Do you find developers or non-developers are more active in using the analytics available?

    1. Hi Alan,

      1). We use Apache Flink/Apache Beam based streaming pipelines.

      2). Mainly based on trend analysis with regards to spikes.

      3). Some thing like following are the common pattern here.
      There is going to be a Solar Eclipse on next Monday.
      You will be able to watch a Solar Eclipse next Monday.

      4). Both are. The interesting fact is that a new creator segment was enabled with the templates provided for non-developers.

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