Podcast 16: TADSummit Innovators, Paul Walsh, MetaCert

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This is a critically important TADSummit Innovators podcast for our industry. Paul Walsh of MetaCert brings zero trust to SMS, finally enabling phishing over SMS to be solved. We’re going to have Paul back for the Truth in Telecoms podcast in the New Year. I’ve written about MetaCert over the years, check out this link to his open letter to mobile operators.

Paul brings deep cross-industry experience from his time in AOL when phishing was first detected, web and mobile web standards, deployments across the mobile industry, and cyber security. He brings a unique blend of skills that highlights the gaps in SMS firewalls, and why telcos need help from zero trust cyber security to make SMS the safest communications channel.

MetaCert’s approach is driven by the vision that there should be NO victims. Today most security firms work in compiling victims’ experiences, that is the malicious links they clicked. He’s doing one better and stopping any link that is not safe from being delivered to customers. We cover much in this podcast, MetaCert is live in a mobile network, and we’ll see an announcement in the New Year.

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