TADSummit Podcast Episode 1

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On our first TADSummit podcast we focus on STROLID and their CTO Thomas Howe. We introduce Giovanni (Johnny) Tarone, and the important role he will play in bringing investors to the TADS community and extending the no BS policy more broadly across the industry, as we fight for the programmable communications / telecoms industry.

All is not well in programmable communications, Sinch’s market cap is less than its annual revenue. Twilio had the private equity vultures circling, as discussed here, and they’re the poster child for programmable communications. The carriers are putting the squeeze on the industry to extract their ‘fair-share’. I know brands that have pulled back from SMS campaigns because of the lack of clarity around the fines for sending just one text that could be considered spam.

As you’ll hear on the podcast, STROLID are doing well, bucking the above trend. How are they doing that? By focusing on selling cars better than anyone in the car industry by using programmable telecoms. It’s the turbo booster for all businesses.

The time for focusing on a particular technology acronym has long gone. The trade bodies are not fighting for the programmable comms industry. However, TADSummit is fighting hard, we focus on industry best practices, and the people leading the thinking in programmable comms, as we have for 11 years.