Podcast 23: TADSummit Innovators, Mark Hay, Melrose Labs

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We kicked off with a quick review from Johnny on what’s coming on Friday’s Truth in Telecoms podcast. Yesterday we did a Truth in Telecoms Twilio Special, Lawson is Innocent.

Bottom-line, what happened to Jeff is wrong. What’s going to happen to Twilio is unacceptable to everyone in the industry. There needs to be an investigation to what threat / sanction Anson had over Twilio. And what really happened on the $750M investment in Syniverse. As Jim Cramer stated, Lawson is Innocent! We all need to demand action and show outrage, not sympathize with Jeff’s abuse.

On Friday’s podcast we’ll dive into the numbers on what value can be realized from Twilio’s assets if its broken up. As we’ve already hinted, we think Anson’s analysis is wrong.

I’ve followed Mark Hay for many years on Linkedin. His posts are always spot-on and no BS. Before Melrose Labs he ran HSL Mobile, an aggregator focused on the UK market. His HSL stories really helped me understand how his business began all the way back in 1999. That first critical first customer that drove the business. Which then expanded to DHL. And how HSL competed against Link Mobility for the renewal of the DHL contract, which eventually led to Link Mobility buying HSL. This is what should happen a CEO builds company, company is sold, CEO builds a new company. Not the mess we see with Twilio.

When I look at STROLID, UIB, Matrix, that initial problem and customer builds a strong customer focused technology business. I remember asking Matrix how they got their first government contract, it was simply one of the government’s IT people liked using the open source Matrix project.

For HSL, one of the IT guys liked the solution HSL had put in place for mobile alerting. In the early days technology led sales are a good thing. Yes, there is always Geoffrey Moore’s Chasm to cross. But after that first customer, leverage that account as much as possible, to win what could become the lighthouse account to build the business around.

Today Melrose Labs is focused on filling the gaps in RCS between Apple, Google’s version of RCS, all the RBM implementations, and the current MaaP specification. Mark frankly shared being circumspect about RCS for many years. But after the Apple announcement interest skyrocketed, and there are lots of gaps that Melrose Labs will plug, taking a standards compliant approach.

Keep an eye on Melrose Labs, in the coming years they’ll be one to watch as the glue that makes RCS work for brands.

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