Podcast 32: TADSummit Innovators, Anthony Minessale, SignalWire and FreeSWITCH

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We had ‘CPaaS is done’ from Robert Vis on Podcast 30. And we now have CPast from Anthony on Podcast 32. Anthony also positioned their platform as Programmable Unified Communications, more on that later. If you’re still using CPaaS after both of these leaders in the industry dismissed it, you’re most definitely legacy.

Anthony founded FreeSWITCH close to 20 years ago in 2005, and in 2017 founded SignalWire. As FreeSWITCH became the dominant telecom app server the support requests could not be adequate supported through an open source project. Hence a commercial entity was created, that also enabled the team to democratize many of the applications built on FreeSWITCH.

Learning what drove Anthony to build FreeSWITCH after working on Asterisk was insightful. He focused on modularity, building on Debian so FreeSWITCH ran anywhere, for example at scale in the cloud. These bets were decisive in enabling FreeSWITCH to dominate programmable communications.

Whether it’s IVR, UCaaS, CCaaS, it’s all just a JSON document, think low code interface.

For TADHack Open Anthony wants people to build using their SignalWires AI Agent. Think of it as a digital employee, that can automate any repetitive task at scale though the SWAG, SignalWire AI Gateway.

His vision is to convert all telecoms into software, your website is your contact center, and the PSTN is simply the channel of last resort for for a small segment of your customers / contacts. All other communications are over the internet.

Anthony, thanks for sponsoring TADHack Open and we look forward to seeing the hacks built on SignalWire’s AI agent.

This video includes both the TADHack and TADSummit sections where we discuss SignalWire’s future plans at the end.

Anthony just posted “SignalWire Call Fabric – The next evolution from FreeSWITCH“.

“SignalWire Call Fabric is the implementation of Programmable Unified Communications where users can create and arrange communication pathways on-demand.

This encompasses all the features of an IP PBX, UCaaS, Soft-Switch and makes the features available as high-level primitives. In programming, a primitive are the building blocks you have to work with when creating the code.

Since we are trying to reduce complexity, the primitives in Call Fabric, known as Resources, are features deconstructed to the ideal puzzle pieces that can be arranged in endless combinations. Rather than spending time programming these very, very complex concepts from the ground up, APIs are just used to create and position resources.”

Anthony Minessale

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