Podcast 74: TADSummit Innovators, Programmable Communications in the Automotive Industry.

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This week has been STROLID week. We kicked off with Podcast 73: Truth in AI, Strolid, Inc., Papa in a Box, an authentic discussion on the role of AI and vCon in automotive sales; and we finished with Podcast 74: Programmable Communications in the Automotive Industry (this weblog), were again vCon plays an important role.

The link between programmable telecoms and the production line is strong, a couple of recent podcasts include:

In Podcast 74 we have John Musser, Senior Director of Engineering, Ford Pro at Ford Motor Company. John and Thomas go back to the early days of Programmable Web, over 17 years ago. Which began as a list of available Web APIs.

It was 25 years ago Thomas attended a hackathon at MIT, there he saw the future of programmable telecoms. Things happening in minutes that would take months in traditional development. That started his journey in programmable communications, which has led to vCon.

There’s a great discussion on the work Programmable Web did with developers, organizations like the World Bank, and being the backbone for many analyst predictions about APIs. But enough of reminiscing.

Every vehicle that leaves Ford’s production line includes a wireless modem, customer feedback can be gather not just over the web and call center, feedback in the car can be recorded. Voice agents are critically important to avoid distracted driving, people are getting accustomed to using them. John shared how multiple agents can be used, this overlaps the discussions we had with Vladimir Beloborodov in Podcast 57.

The discussion moves onto all the workflows around maintaining uptime; including fleet management, service, parts, telematics, etc. The car, and the person driving it deliver many insights than need to be ingested. vCon enable the human part of that captured and combined will all the machine data. It was a fun discussion around how vCon can play a role in Ford Pro. That wrapped up TADSummit’s STROLID week.

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