Summary of TADSummit EMEA Americas Week 2 (9-13th Nov)

This weblog summarises the presentations given during TADSummit EMEA Americas Week 2. Thank you to all the presenters and our sponsors: Automat BerlinGoContactRadisys, and Sangoma for making TADSummit possible.

With a packed agenda we’ve moved to 2 sessions per day, else we’ll be running into the middle of December. We’re seeing 80-100 views per day on the TADSummit Channel, with excellent discussions in the comments section of the weblogs. While we can not replicate the experience of meeting face to face, we can ensure the content and discussion are world-class.

Here’s some weekend reading 🙂

Programmable Telecoms inside a Telco by Jesus Cruz Manjavacas

Innovator Interview: Simon Woodhead, CEO Simwood

The Future of Conversational Messaging Isn’t Social, It’s Digital, Paul Sweeney

Innovator Interview: Erlend Prestgard, Working Group Two

CPaaS is dead, Long live CPaaS, Filipe Leitão, 8X8

Innovator Interview: Amandine Le Pape and Matthew Hodgson, The Foundation and Element

LivingAds®: RTC Advertising Switchboard, David Uhalley and Brian Boyajian

Keynote: Helping Carriers Win More Enterprise Business in a post-COVID-19 World, João Camarate Silva.

Innovator Interview: Marlon Bowser, CEO, HTK (data-driven CX & loyalty)

Project FONOS: An open-source framework for CPaaS building Pedro Sanders, Project Leader Fonos

Weeks 3 and 4 are equally as packed, there is much more thought-leadership in programmable communications to come!

TADSummit EMEA Americas agenda