Open Source Telecom Software Survey 2020, Alan Quayle

Open Source Telecom Software Survey 2020, Alan Quayle, Founder TADSummit and TADHack, Independent Consultant.

I’m going to start with an apology, for the length of the presentation. There’s loads of data in the survey. I was aiming for 30 mins, and failed miserably. So I divided the presentation into three:

  • Introduction: background, objectives, the importance of open source telecom software to the industry, and a review of some of the 2019 results;
  • Results: covers the 2020 survey results, there’s a lot of content, and I do race through some of it. The slides are below, you can review at your leisure, and please ask questions. At least this part of the presentation is 30 minutes 😉
  • Conclusions: wrap-up the analysis, and the importance of reaching a broader community of developers.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and shared their views. I hope you find the results interesting. There are 2 other presentations I strongly recommend viewing in conjunction with the survey results:

Plus for a deeper dive into serverless and the cloud:

  • Serverless and RTC Panel Discussion
    Tim Panton, Co-founder and CTO at Pipe
    João Camarate Silva, Founder & CTO GoContact
    Simon Woodhead, CEO Simwood
    Jason Berryman, Freelance Google Cloud Architect and Google Developers Expert at
    Sebastian Schumann, Network Production Development, Technology & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom
    Marten Schoenherr, CEO/Founder at Automat Berlin GmbH

I’ll just mention two of the conclusions, to not pre-empt most of the presentation:

  • Telecom open source projects need to globalize (India, rest of Asia, Middle East, Russia) and adopt web best practices (documentation (expert), examples, code samples, training).
  • A cricket analogy: We’ve just completed the first innings in Telecom OSS (20 years), there are at least 3 more (60 years) to go! Today’s situation is temporary, we’ve got much work ahead of us! Young projects today could dominate in 5-8 years, also work in the decentralized web could prove to become quite influential.





Slideshare is having difficulties today, here’s a direct link to Alan’s slides.

The purpose of this Open Source 2020 Survey is to gather across the industry people’s experiences and opinions on using Open Source Telecom Software Projects.

Last year we did a survey, and the results were presented at TADSummit. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. We received supportive feedback on the value provided to the communities from that survey in helping projects be ever more successful.
The 2020 survey follows on from the first survey undertaken in 2019. Filling in gaps on geographic issues, contributions to open source projects, deeper dive into hosting and redundancy, adding missing open source projects, and a few other items, such as the impact of COVID-19 and what questions you want asked in 2021.