Keynote: Helping Carriers Win More Enterprise Business in a post-COVID-19 World, João Camarate Silva

Helping Carriers Win More Enterprise Business in a post-COVID-19 World, João Camarate Silva, Founder & CTO at GoContact.

Another fast keynote! Well done João 🙂 Carriers are facing a significant threat in enterprise communication services from the confluence of technology, business models and rapidly changing business customer behavior due to the pandemic. This is driving the rapid rise of well-funded global cloud-based enterprise communication service providers.

João provides excellent quantification on the dilemma facing carriers, with 71% seeing cloud services as the top priority. Whilst the multi-year transformation projects are not delivering on cloud services due to legacy systems and lack of skills. And I would add retention of those skills.

I really like the positioning of GoContact, with its feet firmly planted in telecoms yet its head is in the clouds, it’s a CCaaS provider. I’m going to use that with other companies like Simwood as well 🙂 The framing of what customers are looking for in an expert in the solution, not the infrastructure is critical. Then highlighting the up to 10X multiple Twilio gets from a phone call simply by adding an API is a great example.

Telcos have their strengths in enterprise customer access with a brand that is trusted because of its longevity and local (national) focus, and the infrastructure to support layer 2/3 connectivity requirements. GoContact’s strategy is working with telcos as a go-to-market partner.

And they are delivering, working with NOS in Portugal, Orange and Másmóvil in Spain. With NOS, in the first year of the partnership they delivered 20 projects, and have grown rapidly from there. This strategic partnership model works.

João shares some of the secrets of their success in working with telcos, as it is not easy in my experience:

  1. Telco opens the door
  2. We provide vertical expertise
  3. Telco provides infrastructure + comms
  4. We do the SaaS project
  5. We co-manage the customer

A sixth point in my opinion is people, GoContact is a unique team, I strongly recommend carriers contact GoContact to explore this opportunity. We also hope TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021 will be held at their HQ in Aveiro, Portugal in November 🙂 It will be nice to finally meet face to face again, fingers crossed.

Slideshare is having difficulties today, here’s a direct link to João’s slides.

Agenda Description

Over the past decade enterprises have learned they can buy their communication services from other than traditional carriers.

Across enterprise communications, contact centers, and communication enabled business processes there are now a range of services packaged to the needs of enterprises large and small.

COVID-19 has accelerated this trend, as enterprises need to move their contact center into the cloud fast. Faster than many traditional carriers were able.

Joao will present case studies on how traditional carriers can add more value to their existing business by partnering with companies like GoContact to build on both their strengths to deliver competitive localized enterprise communication solutions.

The case studies will go into detail of what are the major challenges, the upsides and downsides, the strategy, and the results GoContact has achieved over the past 3 years.

I was recently reviewing the “Accelerating Innovation in the Telecommunications Arena” whitepaper and GoContact presents the forward-looking innovation that many carriers should have in their service portfolio.

2 thoughts on “Keynote: Helping Carriers Win More Enterprise Business in a post-COVID-19 World, João Camarate Silva”

  1. Thank you João for an insightful and fast keynote.

    With your 3 telco partners, did they have an existing contact center offer / partner? If yes, how did you manage to replace that? If no, do you think that would present a significant complication to building the go-to-market partnership?

    1. Hi Alan!

      Most of existing carriers already have *something* in their portfolio, they don’t necessarily might have a strategy for it or even have the dedicated teams needed to pursue these opportunities.

      They are not too bother of having multiple solutions, so it’s not a matter of replacing an existing partnership, it’s a matter of having the right go to market strategy to be able to capitalize on the partnership!

      It’s key to identify the right people on both sides (carrier and GoContact) to make this happen, but what we see is that the Enterprise/Corporate team on the carrier side is usually very open to anything that is going to drive their bottom line 🙂

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