LivingAds®: RTC Advertising Switchboard

LivingAds®: RTC Advertising Switchboard, David Uhalley & Brian Boyajian / Co-founders /

LivingAds® is a communications platform providing advertisers with powerful tools to engage with ad viewers in real-time. Our patent pending MarTech converts static ad-reach into live in-the-moment ad-engagement. Enabling live personalized interaction between advertisers and consumers shortcuts the traditional sales funnel process; creating value-adds for directories, search, classifieds, marketplaces, and other lead generation platforms.

LivingAds® is seeking strategic partners for collaboration and commercialization. Contact us today for a live demo!

Slideshare is having difficulties today, here’s a direct link to the slides.

Slideshare is having difficulties today, here’s a direct link to the slides.

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  1. LivingAds Questions

    Thank you, Brian and David, for sharing LivingAds with us. This is exactly what TADSummit is about, helping people share their ideas, platforms and services; and find people that can get them to market.

    AQ1) Given many of the ad networks are also social networks or occupy a big piece of internet real estate, e.g. Facebook and Google. Do you think there are ways to get around the likely hurdles they’ll put in your way?

    AQ2) You mentioned a focus on classifieds and marketplaces that own their ad-space, avoiding the Facebook / Google problem. Are there any regions / countries you think offer better opportunities for LivingAds?

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful questions, and presentation opportunity, Alan. Our answers, below:

      1) LivingAds® is a unique communications platform that can thrive within proprietary networks and/or on the open Internet. In simple terms, “LA” is a patent pending RTC Switchboard; converting static content to LIVE content at the advertiser’s discretion. Unlike the conventional “Live Chat” applications that run on individual sites, LA is ubiquitous and virtually invisible to the end user until the ad space on the site goes LIVE. We envision LA being utilized most effectively where there is end user intent. For example, search, forums, directories; and per your next question, classifieds and marketplaces where the consumer is actively seeking out a product and/or service.

      2) LA shortcuts the traditional sales funnel journey by providing the capability of impulse shopping and in-the-moment inquiry/purchase motivations. Eliminating the steps and shortening time frames when a customer reaches out to an advertiser provides time saving benefits to end users – and advertisers – in all countries and regions. Customers and cultures with proactive and assertive purchasing customs will be even more incentivized via LA’s real-time ad-engagement option. Its ClicktoChat® and ClickToCam® features permit 1:1 and/or 1:many communications, along with a host of customizable RTC tools; effectively “Click-to-Call on steroids”, an ideal value-add to any classifieds and/or marketplace environment that has control of its ad space. Online, browser-based, gaming is another optimal environment perfectly suited for interactive ads in which the end user actually becomes a participant within the LIVE promotion.

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