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TADSummit 2023: Open Source

Open source telecom software is the foundation upon which programmable telecoms / communications is built. It is also a critical technology for telcos to make the leap to Techco. Put simply, if telcos continue to use their legacy closed source vendors, the Techco vision will not happen. This advice comes from the fixed line telcos, … Continue reading TADSummit 2023: Open Source

A Slice of TADSummit Asia: Innovator Interviews

In this series of weblogs, A Slice of TADSummit, we review a few of the themes from TADSummit Asia. Some of the most viewed videos came from this segment: Innovator Interviews. It was my favorite segment because of the focus on people, their experiences, their advice, and also the common threads across the interviews. With no pre-planning, … Continue reading A Slice of TADSummit Asia: Innovator Interviews