Interviewing the TADS Sponsors: hSenid Mobile

What excites you about TADS?
hSenid Mobile’s core business is building platforms that enable telco application development.  We have pioneered multi-channel telco app stores that help telco application developers to get their applications into customers hands. Given the above context from hSenid Mobile’s perspective sponsoring TADS is as a duck takes to water. We believe that the most exciting feature about TADS is bringing together developers and all other stakeholders – the complete ecosystem in one place, that is unique. We look forward to two days of intense discussion and exploring new concepts, best practices with all stakeholders of the telco application development ecosystem.

What are the important topics you want to discuss about TADS?
At TADS we intend to share the tools, techniques, lessons learned and best practices we had derived from our experience in building telco developer community ecosystems in different cultures and markets. This shall include showcasing some of our case studies with our customers.

What are you hoping for out of your Telco meetings?
We want to understand the challenges faced by telcos when building a telco application developer ecosystem and see if any synergies could be derived from our platform and experience. Further, we would also present the road map of our cloud Telco Application Platform (TAP) and get feedback from telcos regarding the contexts of applicability of the roadmap in the particular market and future prediction of interest levels.

What are you hoping for in your Developer meetings?
We hope to reach out to more developers to come on board our current deployments. In addition, discuss with them how we could best enable access to them for more markets with our upcoming deployments, working together is a win:win.  We would also like to understand the developers’ needs to used hSenid Mobile’s platform to help meet their technology needs and grow their business.

What should be part of the Telecom Application Developer Manifesto?
We hope that TADS will encourage telecom operators to experiment more with new business models, open up APIs and innovative tools to build and nurture the telco developer ecosystem.  The telecom application developer ecosystem is critical to the future of our industry.