MEF Privacy Tool

At TADS we are proud that MEF is the Official Community Partner of Telecom Application Development Summit (TADS Summit). Delegates of the event are invited to check out AppPrivacy™, a free resource for app developers around the world featuring a best practice privacy policy generator.  AppPrivacy is from MEF, the global community for mobile content & commerce

The MEF privacy tool has been developed in association with a cross-industry working group and draws on expertise and best practice on privacy which is a business critical issue for any app developer.

AppPrivacy provides you with a free mobile privacy policy generator along with up to date resources and information on everything you need to know when collecting data in your mobile apps.  AppPrivacy will generate a string of HTML code that you can customize and embed within your app. Consumers will then be able to access a short form privacy policy that gives them peace of mind when using your app.

To find out more and to download the AppPrivacy tool check out this URL