2014 Pre-Conference Survey Results

tadsummit pre-conference survey Below you can see an interim drop of the TADSummit 2014 pre-conference survey results.  The survey ran in the week before TADSummit, gathering opinions from the TADSummit address list (currently 1600). It presents a balanced view across the TAD ecosystem with currently 51 respondents from around the world with a representative mix across developers, telcos and technology vendors (note the survey is still running).  Some of the highlights in the results are:

  • Broadening interest across a range of technologies, with telecom APIs remaining top, but app servers and WebRTC are rising;
  • Naturally a focus on the Telecoms vertical, but Finance, Healthcare and Consumer verticals also have a strong interest for telecom applications;
  • A broadening interest across a range of telecom APIs, the challenge being able to use them across a country / region.
  • An impressive and interesting list of questions for both the keynote sessions as well as the closing panel, which shows the power of using an ecosystem;
  • Strong endorsement of the agenda in its practice focus with lots of networking opportunities which is the top way people get new business; and
  • Strong endorsement for the hybrid (in-person and online) TADSummit 2015 event plans to broaden its reach across the industry.

One thought on “2014 Pre-Conference Survey Results”

  1. Good to see a real diversity of discussion points being raised here. One thing that’s maybe not mentioned is how to improve awareness and engagement for developers who currently don’t understand Telecom APIs.

    Also good to see RCS APIs as rated even lower than MMS. Yet another reason to pull the plug on this ridiculous waste of time and money – now over 7 years and countless billions down the drain on a worthless “standard” that nobody wants or needs.

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