WSO2.Telco Launched and Sponsors TADSummit

WSO2.TelcoYou heard it first at TADSummit 2014 when Amos Manasseh, now CMO of WSO2.Telco, announced their plans to open source their API Management platform to make it available to the industry. See the video below of Amos’s keynote, where he made the announcement. And today WSO2.Telco officially launched, and announced their sponsorship of TADSummit 2015.

This is an important step in the telecom industry for two reasons:

  • It highlights the rise of open source telecom software, you’ll be seeing some amazing case studies and demonstrations at TADSummit based on open source, check out the agenda; and
  • The software building blocks of telcos are no longer so specialized that only dedicated vendors can create them. Following the lead we see on the web, more and more telcos will own the technology upon which they make their money.  Making them masters of their own destiny, better able to control costs and compete with web-based service providers.

WSO2.Telco is a joint venture between Axiata Digital Services and WSO2. It brings together the specialist team that created WSO2.Telco’s platform specifically designed to address the multiple challenges telcos face in providing contextual services to their customers and the critical need of efficient partnering.

The WSO2.Telco platform is deployed in the Axiata Group with five operating companies connected to a Group API Hub. It is a cloud-ready solution that enables mobile Network operators (MNOs) to collaborate with Web-centric APIs. The platform represents an important milestone in scalable open source enterprise solutions, allowing telcos to expose, manage and orchestrate multiple network services at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

WSO2.Telco are excited to be sponsoring TADSummit, it has become the ‘destination event’ for everyone in our industry to see the practical application of technologies in creating new services and drastically removing costs in legacy services and operations. TADSummit is where the people effecting change in telecoms meet, its going to be a great!” Stated Amos Manasseh, CMO of WSO2.Telco.

WSO2.Telco’s session is at 9AM on Day 2 (18th November) of TADSummit. Check out the agenda to see all we have planned.