TelScale CAMEL Gateway 6.2.0.GA Released!

Telestax is pleased to announce the release of TelScale CAMEL Gateway  6.2.0.GA. TelScale CAMEL Gateway is an Open Source Java based CAMEL Gateway Platform enabler intended for fast and easy Intelligent Networks (IN) services deployment in mobile networks using CAMEL Application Part (CAP) protocols. It enables operators to offer real-time control of voice Call, SMS and GPRS sessions in GSM networks, using service logic applications.

TelScale CAMEL Gateway forms part of Service Creation Funtion (SCF). TelScale CAMEL Gateway maintains the CAP Dialog and state modal, however it forwards the received CAP request over HTTP as XML payload to configured Application. The application handles business logic and responds with a corresponding CAP message. The diagram below shows all the nodes involved



Below is a list of major where can i buy diazepam online features implemented in this release.

  1. Support for new operations. Following new operations are added
    • connectToResource
    • furnishChargingInformation
    • promptAndCollectUserInformation
  2. Support for Multi-Tenancy. Multi tenancy allows a single instance of TelScale CAMEL Gateway to connect to different operators, with each connection having its own links and point-codes.
  3. Call back to application for no activity timeout. After configured period of time, if there is no activity in CAMEL Gateway, it call application to take further action
  4. Call back to application for providing assigned invoke id’s.
  5. log4j templates for debug, info and production.

In addition there are other bug fixes.

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Existing customers can download the new version binaries from the Premium Content section in our support portal.