Wazo is Sponsoring TADSummit!

wazoWe’re delighted to announce Wazo is sponsoring TADSummit 2017. Wazo.io is a unified communication platform and a full featured IPBX based on Asterisk, oriented towards enterprise communications. It will shortly be available through Wazo.io as a xCPaaS (Unified Communications Platform as a Service) giving enterprises, developers and Wazo partners flexibility to use and build what’s right for them.

The Wazo development team is led by Sylvain Boily (founder of XiVO in 2005) and based in Québec City, Canada. This team is highly dedicated to develop and maintain its unique platform and share ideas with the community.

Wazo strongly believes that unified communications should be available everywhere: on any device, in any application, in any software environment, and in any business workflows.

With Wazo, you can have your teams and your applications communicate with who they want, when they want and the way they want. In order to achieve this, they have built a xCPaaS software that is highly integrable, scalable, reliable, and easy to setup, deploy and operate, that can allow you to build any kind of unified communication infrastructure, on premise, hosted or in the cloud.

Wazo is based on free software because they believe it is key to provide a high level of interoperability, state-of-the-art APIs and fast and reliable development process. It also allows to foster collaboration, and leverage feedbacks and contribution of the large community of developers and users.

“We are thrilled to showcase Wazo at TADSummit and be part of the new Unified Communication revolution allowing people and applications to communicate freely and seamlessly.” Sylvain Boily – Cofounder and CTO

“Wazo is a great example of the democratization of telecoms. The team have created a respected open source project with Wazo, and are now offering it in a number of ways to enable users to adapt Wazo to their specific situations. Programmable Telecoms is so much more than a voice API, and we’re proud Wazo are sponsoring TADSummit.” Stated TADSummit’s founder Alan Quayle.