CPaaS: Let the Great Unbundling Begin! by Dave Horton

CPAAS: Let the Great Unbundling Begin!
Dave Horton, Creator of, the open source framework for SIP Server applications

Ten years in, and the CPAAS industry is as healthy as ever…
Or is it?

All technologies tend to follow an evolution curve where “all-in-one” highly bundled solutions inevitably progress towards the selection of best-of-breed components.

The CPAAS solution space, having been built on service components such as speech and storage that were once challenging to provision but which can now be summoned easily with the click of a button, is about to head down that curve.

Or so argues Dave Horton, the creator of drachtio: the Node.js framework for SIP server applications.

In this talk, Dave will present his view on the state of CPAAS and why service unbundling and the need for enhanced data privacy protections may lead us towards a new generation of CPAAS service delivery.

He will preview a new open source project from drachtio labs: a “bring your own everything”, privacy-first CPAAS service that customers can self-host on their own AWS infrastructure as an illustration of what may lie ahead.”