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What is Asterisk?

A great introduction to the  world’s oldest, largest, and most successful open source telecoms project.

VoIP Innovations – Apidaze by Joe Aponick

VoIP Innovations is a Wholesale VoIP provider with hundreds of thousands of active DIDs in over 8,500 rate centers in the US and 60 countries. It’s focused on providing service to MSPs (Managed Service Providers), ITSPs, and large enterprises. MSPs being an important way for Asia to close the CXTech revenue gap.

Apidaze is VoIP Innovations’ CPaaS. A CPaaS removes the need to buy hardware / software like a voice switch or PBX and host the platform. A CPaaS enables you to fully Integrate telecoms into your business across voice / SMS / WebRTC with full control of the call.

Apidaze has 3 components: REST API where you control communications; Call Control where you react to communications; and a WebRTC Client so no phone is necessary, just a browser.

The main features of the REST API are:

  • Manage your application webhooks (URLs)
  • Upload sound clips
  • Download call recordings
  • Send SMS or MMS
  • Start Calls
  • List / modify calls in progress
  • Buy / manage phone numbers
  • Create / manage credentials for SIP devices

The main features of Call Control (we have a call, what do we do with it?) are:

  • Simple XML dialect
  • Play sound clips, uploaded to us or played directly from your server
  • Text to speech
  • Record calls, transcribe in real time
  • Connect with a SIP or RTC user
  • Forward to an external number

The main features of the WebRTC client are:

  • No hardware purchase, no software install
  • Works with all major browsers, including mobile versions
  • Audio, Video, and Chat

Joe then ran through some use cases.

You can ask Joe any questions in the comments section of this weblog. Else contact Joe or VoIP Innovations directly:


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