EVA – Extrogene Virtual Assistant, Ruwan Dissanayaka

EVA – Extrogene Virtual Assistant, have a virtual assistant for your business Facebook page today. Easy to integrate, customizable and excellent value. Ruwan Dissanayaka, Co-Founder/CEO at Extrogene Software Pvt Ltd.

Ruwan was one of our first winners from TADHack Global in 2014. We talked with him for TADSummit Asia as part of our innovator interview series. He shared his experiences building Extrogene, and many successful lines of business.

One of TADSummit’s objectives is connecting talent with opportunities around the world. When evaluating conversational agents, even if it’s simply market analysis, EVA should be on your list. Check out Ruwan’s presentation, demo, and get in contact with him and his team (details are in the slides / video).

EVA is a virtual assistant especially in conversation commerce and it can be customizable to any type of business according to the requirement and nature of the business.

You can integrate EVA to your Facebook page messenger in a few clicks on evainmotion.com website.

EVA is shortlisted for two awards for this year 2020. First Award is NBQSA (National Best Quality Software Awards) and the second one is e-Swabhimani Awards Sri Lanka. (pending award ceremony).

Slideshare is having difficulties today, here’s a direct link to Ruwan’s slides.