TADHack Global 2020 Winners

TADHack Global 2020 Winners

This was the toughest year ever to put TADHack Global 2020 together. However, all the hardcore hackers, those that hack through a pandemic, achieved impressive results.

We passed 700 registrations over the weekend, with half of them coming from South Africa. Several locations had additional lockdown measures being imposed over the TADHack weekend, making things even more complicated for the teams. Yet, despite the pandemic, the quality of pitches, innovation demonstrated, and use of sponsors’ resources was better than ever. Well done to everyone involved, you are exceptional!

This weblog summarizes the winners from the global sponsors, local sponsors, and all the locations. You can see all the hacks at the TADHack YouTube channel.

Simwood Winners

Avaya Winners

Intelepeer Winners

Symbl.ai Winners

Location Winners

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