TADSummit Special: Why conversational AI providers are moving to open source

Dave Horton, Creator of drachtio.org, the open source framework for SIP Server applications

  • Voice is moving from a tickbox item to an expressive and differentiating feature for conversational AI providers
  • Several of the “Gartner Magic Quadrant” conversational AI companies are creating game-changing voice features by adopting open-source platforms like jambonz to power their voice strategy
  • Why (and how) are they doing this? What are the key benefits they are seeking?


Dave provides an nice intro to the conversation AI space, and the reasons why Cognigy are using Jambonz. I really like Dave’s framing of why community driven FOSS (Free and open Source Software) will win over commercial software. Remember Linux and Solaris?

The demos show the powerful integration of Cognigy and Jambonz. Workflows are created, made live, and we following through the conversation workflow in real time. Dave shows the tracing and observability made possible through Jambonz, seeing response times, confidence levels, and all the details of message passing. This is impressive!