Voxbone Links Telecom Applications and Telephone Networks

voxboneVoxbone is delighted to be a sponsor of this year’s prestigious TADSummit. As the market leader in providing virtual local phone numbers (often referred to as DIDs or inbound SIP trunks) to telecommunications application developers, cloud communications providers, and enterprise contact centers, Voxbone is proud to show our commitment to fostering the growth of the telecom applications industry. And as supporters of TADS initiatives in telecommunications, we can’t wait to see what new applications and companies will be featured this year.

Since last year’s TADSummit, we have kept ourselves busy at Voxbone! Among other things, we are extremely proud to have launched a few of our own innovations: a new version of our API and support for WebRTC calling over our global private VoIP network, an industry first that was extremely well-received by customers and industry experts alike.

Having launched the first version of our API in 2007, Voxbone has long been the only licensed telecommunications service provider capable of delivering geographical, mobile and toll-free telephone numbers (DIDs) from over 50 countries with real-time provisioning through an API. Telecom application developers and cloud communications providers leverage Voxbone’s API to automatically tie in telephone numbers and SIP trunks with their communications service. This is much faster than ordering similar telephone services with traditional telecommunications service providers, which usually takes months. As a result, the vast majority of telecom application developers and development platforms rely on Voxbone to connect their applications to telephone networks. In 2013, Voxbone’s API processed between three and four million API calls every month! The latest version of the API allows Voxbone to enable more services, more rapidly and offers the choice between REST and SOAP.

Representing a major advancement for the telecommunications industry, Voxbone made WebRTC calling available over its global private VoIP network. Voxbone enables companies with SIP-based VoIP infrastructure to quickly and easily deploy high-quality and secure WebRTC services without complex software development or network investment. Voxbone introduced two capabilities which remove key barriers to the deployment of WebRTC services: Firstly, Voxbone routes WebRTC calls over its private global backbone instead of the public Internet, adding high levels of quality of service and security. Secondly, calls are delivered over a regular SIP trunk, allowing Voxbone customers to start using WebRTC without the need for additional investment in network infrastructure. Additionally, Voxbone has made its WebRTC JavaScript library available to its customers, enabling rapid web client development. With this service, enterprises and communications providers are now able to quickly, easily and cost-effectively roll out high-quality and secure WebRTC services.

Voxbone would love to meet you at TADSummit 2014! To hear us speak, please drop by the Giza Room at the Point Hotel Taksim on Thursday 13th November at 09:40 to listen to Hugh Goldstein, our VP Strategic Alliances, discuss how telecom API providers can find their space in the global market. For the discussion, he will be joined by Sinch, a spin-off of the successful Sweden based global telecom service Rebtel, to share experiences and perspective in working together to launch a Sinch’s brand new API platform.