RestComm facilitates Internet of Things (IoT) to human communications


RestComm is a next generation cloud communications platform to rapidly build voice, video, and messaging applications, using mainstream development skills.

This week John Senay demonstrates how RestComm facilitates real time communications between smart connected devices and humans responsible for decision making.

The Internet of Things refers to the growing number of devices that are connected to the Internet, enabling them to interact with each other, with cloud services and with humans.

In a live VUC TV broadcast this week, John showcased a smart device from Electric Imp that connects via WiFi to the Internet and sends programmable event triggers to an associated agent in the cloud. The cloud hosted agent for the device can be then scripted to execute further intelligent tasks.

In this demo, John presses a physical green on/off button attached to the connected device (the imp) that triggers an even, which is sent to the cloud agent, which in turn calls out to Restcomm to generate an SMS notification to John’s mobile phone! Watch the full video recording at VoIP Users Congerence (VUC)

This awesome demo comes just a few days after the FCC CTO, Henning Schulzrinne positioned Mobicents as a key component facilitating communications in the IoT era. Mobicents is the parent project for Restcomm. Henning coined the acronym SECE – Sense Everything Control Everything to encompass the world of IoT and illustrated the big picture with the following high level diagram.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.10.57 AM

Dr. Schultzrinne’s excellent visionary IoT keynote presentation at the IIT RTC conference is available here. A great summary of the IIT RTC conference is available here by prominent telco analyst and Telecom App Developer Summit founder, Alan Quayle.

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