TADSummit mpoll.me Survey Results

mpollmeDuring TADSummit we ran a live mobile survey to gather people’s immediate feedback on the event, rather than waiting until after the event. We used the telecom application mpoll.me, which sent SMS to attendees with a link to the survey, where we created questions on the fly. It enabled us to gather immediate feedback from the audience on a range of topics. We’ll make it more of a center-piece at TADHack and TADSummit in 2015, and allocate time in the agenda to get everyone motivated to respond. Below is an example of the results screen from the tool which is updated in real-time, all the data can be downloaded. Its a great tool for using the immediacy of SMS to get real-time feedback and opinions. A big thanks to Mark White of Locatrix who provided the service and operated it during the event.


After the keynotes we asked the following questions:
Did you enjoy the opening keynotes? Yes: 100%
Who was your favorite keynote speaker? Khairil from Axiata Group got the top vote with several comments on his honest and real presentation. It was a very unique presentation, which you can see here.
What matters most to you?

  • APIs 32%
  • WebRTC 20%
  • Open source 32%
  • SDKs/Developer Kits 16%

APIs and open source considered the top two, with SDKs being lower than expected, only 1/3 of the audience was developers. Telcos and technology vendors making up to other 2 thirds. Open source was a common common theme through the event, as Amos showed in his excellent presentation

After the Morning plenary we ran another survey with the questions:

What was the best plenary session? This was close between close between Venura and Dinesh from Dialog Axiata / hSenid Mobile; Mac Taylor / Huawei; and Karel Bourgois / Libon – Orange

Which API matters most to you?

  • SMS 16%
  • Voice 53%
  • Billing 31%

The after the afternoon plenary the questions asked included:
Favourite Speakers, which was a  close rave between Doug from Oracle and Luis from Apidaze
It’s only Day 1, but….. Would you consider TADS2015? Answer was a resounding Yes.

Then on Day 2 after the morning plenary we asked:
Favorite Morning session? The live demo from Truphone, Canonical, Metaswitch and Telestax was the clear favorite.  Which again showed the power of open source.

The mpoll.me tool is easy to use (much slicker than Survey Monkey in my opinion), real-time, and with a little better planning on the event agenda can enable more interaction especially in 2015 where we will have a much greater online audience where this tool will shine. Plus its a great example of the power of telecom application development – we’re eating our own dog food!