Calling All Developers – Let’s Build Some SDKs!

One of the great things about being an open-source company is that we look for ways to bring the community into the product development pipeline.  RestComm has had a full-featured REST API for quite some time now, but we realized at TADHack this year that we have to have better developer tools to make it simple to get building applications quickly.

Language-Specific SDKs

We’re kicking off an initiative starting today to dramatically improve the developer experience on RestComm, and we need your help.  If you’ve got chops in Java, PHP, Python, NodeJS, C#, or Ruby we’d love for you to jump in and help us build SDKs for the RestComm REST API.  We also need you to tell us what’s good and bad about our documentation and other resources along the way.

For each SDK, we’re asking for the following:

  • Coverage of the entire API using appropriate, idiomatic patterns
  • Full test coverage
  • Support for installation using language-specific package managers (Ruby gems, Node NPMs, etc.)
  • Examples that demonstrate usage of the API
  • Documentation of the basics of the API in the README

What’s In It For You?

Fame! Glory! Riches!

Ok, we can’t promise any of those things, but here’s what we can promise.

  • Our undying gratitude and public praise in all of our media channels
  • We’ll send you sweet RestComm swag like T-shirts, coffee mugs, and stickers. Maybe even an autographed picture of Jean! (But only if you’re really good)
  • We hire almost exclusively from the people who work in the community first.  If you’re interested in working on RestComm as a career, a great way to get noticed is to contribute where we need it and do a bang-up job

Are You In?

You’ve got the links. You’ve got the incentives. What are you waiting for?  Fork the repositories listed above and get coding!  If you have any questions, or need or help, reach out to us on our public Google Group or ping us on Twitter.

Thanks to our community for making RestComm the premier open communication platform. We couldn’t do this without you.