TelScale jSS7 6.2.4.GA Released – SS7 for everyone!


jSS7-logoTelestax is pleased to announce the release of TelScale jSS7  6.2.4.GA,  an SS7 stack that can run as a  standalone program or as a service over TelScale JSLEE Server. 

The main highlights of this release are the addition of serializing for 4 extra CAP operations (furnishChargingInformation, connectToResource, romptAndCollectUserInformation, activityTest), updated GSM7 encoding (SMS service) for better message splitting and support for national shift tables.

Below is a list of major features implemented in this release.

  1. Load balancing between M3UA AS is now configurable (Loadshare or Override).
  2. GSMCharsetEncoder now supports 8-bit encoding that is used at SMPP part.
  3. Several new methods are implemented in the GSMCharset to simplify usage in the case of two-byte GSM7 characters (extension coding table).
  4. Support for National Language Shift Table.
  5. National Language Single/Locking Shift configuration added to SS7 Simulator.
  6. XML serializing for CAP error message primitives is included in this release.
  7. XML encoding for CAP operation – furnishChargingInformation, connectToResource, romptAndCollectUserInformation and activityTest
  8. The SS7 Simulator supports additional CAP operations: connectToResource , furnishChargingInformation , promptAndCollectUserInformation and activityTest.
  9. Support for SCCP multi-tenancy SAP selection.
  10. Support for persistence of TCAP ANSI parameters.
  11. The previous releases did not log stats for historical viewing and it was only possible to view real time stats in the GUI console. This release provides you with an option to have stats written to a log file for every refresh period.
  12. TelScale jSS7 Stack 6.2.4.GA-TelScale is switching to a new license 2.2.3 Final.
  13. Bug fixes

To see an extended list of features introduced in Telscale jSS7 6.2.4.GA, click HERE

Follow the links below to download documentation:

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