Libon Pre-Event Workshop on 16th Nov


Libon is an IP communications service available to everyone in 100 countries worldwide that has a history of delivering compelling features, such as:

  • Personalized visual voicemail (2012)
  • Calling from Libon to Libon and Libon to traditional networks (2013)
  • Text and voice messaging, media sharing and in-app purchase of Talk plans (2014)
  • Reach Me (VoWifi) (2015)

Libon provides Super-HD quality voice comparable with Viber, Tango, Skype and Facebook Messenger.  It provides international calling bundles to 140 countries landlines and mobile phones and is available worldwide on iOS, Android and via the browser on tablets and PCs.

Libon can be customized to a Telco’s specific needs to allow the resale of Telco offers from within the app itself, as with the recent announcement that Libon is partnering with Globe in the Philippines.  The opportunity for Globe and Libon is to reach off-footprint Filipinos, let them call home at reasonable cost and high quality – and so gain international revenues that were not previously addressable.

Libon is also now providing a voice over WiFi solution :

  • Available on all Android devices (complementary to native VoWiFi)
  • Enables the building of offers based on coverage extension and / or roaming
  • Assists in winning back international roamers who would otherwise turn off their phone or use other IP communication applications)

During this session we will discuss:

  • Detailed roadmap
  • Collaborating with Libon
  • Partnerships and business models