TADSummit Truphone Teaser

truphoneAt TADHack Global in June James Tagg, founder and CTO of Truphone, announced their plan for the Open Source Communications Framework (OSCF) API, see end of this weblog for the keynote presentation. James Tagg will at TADSummit in November put much more flesh around the bones of that announcement in his keynote and throughout TADSummit. It is by far the most complete telco API ever offered. Putting to shame the vainglorious attempts of standards institutions and ineffective trade bodies.

Part of Truphone’s secret sauce comes from the Truphone SIM:

  • Multi IMSI
  • Multi user profiles (All concurrent)
  • Only one IMSI active at one time
  • ALL user profiles mapped to currently active IMSI
  • ARM Processor
  • Executes applications independently from UE
  • Uses signaling channel (always on)

BUT the capabilities offer in the OSCF API are what’s exciting, see the list below. International enterprise can run their business on a mobile network without expensive network trolls demanding their toll, IoT / M2M providers now have an inexpensive one stop shop for their global network, small and medium sized international businesses have an end to being screwed on international roaming, the list goes on. TADSummit will show you an alternative reality for telecoms, that soon will become reality. You can not afford to miss TADSummit.


  • SIM shipping
  • SIM activation
  • Mobile number allocation
  • Multi-number
  • Number portability
  • Local in 8 countries
  • Multi-IMSI Roaming 220+
  • Network of Networks in many
  • KYC where needed
  • Regulatory Compliance

Voice Routing

  • Call control (IN)
  • Private dial plans
  • SmartCLI
  • Call Pivot or Fork
  • Fork Record 
  • Multi-ring (Converge)
  • Wi-Fi Calling 

Billing (Real Time)

  • Call by call Authorization (150+)
  • Real time CDR plus NRTRDE
  • SMS-home routed
  • All Data on GGSN with PCRF
  • Free run (app store)
  • Pay your taxes
  • Call price notification (to customer)
  • High usage alerting (to customer)
  • Message Routing

USSD/USSI services

  • User Initiated / Network Initiated
  • SMS fully filled for M2P, P2P 
  • 1200 partners
  • 8 number ranges


  • Query Location
  • Location Update Triggers
  • Geo operation
  • Location History


  • 2G, 3G, LTE, EAP-SIM
  • Multi-IMSI, Multi-MSISDN one identity
  • Identity as a service


  • QoS request
  • Fixed IP APN for M2M
  • ePDG in the cloud
  • IMS AS in the cloud
  • OTT Application
  • WebRTC interoperation

James Tagg’s keynote at TADHack Global in June 2015