Jim Machi, Dialogic, on TADS & Innovation

dialogicTADS is coming up which is great news.  This conference is devoted to Telecom Application Development, which when you stop to think about it, is pretty important for Telecom success.  I mean, if Telecom was just about making a phone call, or sending an email, or posting something on social media, then life might be pretty boring. But Telecoms enriches the experience of almost any application, service or business process:

  • Telecom enables interactivity over distances and keeps us all closer together.  Apps enhance that experience even more.  Adding video and voice to social media apps is a current example.
  • Telecom enables everyone to access the internet and learn.  For some people, mobile access to the internet through a smart phone is the only access available.
  • Telecom enables business efficiency.  Conference calls, alerting, connecting people as soon as possible to make decisions for example.
  • Telecoms is behind the whole on-demand revolution, connecting people with services / business processes.
  • Telecom enables advanced analytics, thus smarter decision making. The emerging category of contextual communications is driving much interest in the use of analytics.
  • Telecom enables the internet of things.  Mobile access to the internet is critical for success.  There are many, many telecom enabled IoT apps, such as digital home or digital life type of apps.
  • Telecom enables things we have not yet even thought about, as we see time and again at TADHack.

Telecom is ultimately about innovation and how a “phone call” has evolved to mean all of the above, and more.  I have 20 minutes to talk about how Dialogic accelerates Telecom Application Development and I’ll use that time to talk about our software based media-server and how it has been used in a deployed WebRTC application that enables a safer campus environment among other things.

We are looking forward to this event and supporting it in the future.  Innovation abounds.