The Web Communications Challenge – building secure reliable apps for end-to-end communications

OracleWith the explosive proliferation of IP devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, home appliances, gaming consoles and cars, the challenges for developers and providers is to deliver innovative services with maximum profitability.  In order to achieve this goal in the internet age, communications development is moving away from expensive, closed, proprietary, application-specific legacy platforms, towards virtualized Web/communications application platforms.

The goal:  dramatically lower the time and cost of deploying new apps or adding new features to existing communication services, enable the  development with straightforward Web APIs on a unified platform, and re-use those applications across multiple networks, including the Web, mobile, virtualized, broadband or fixed networks.

Faced with these challenges, most communications service providers (CSPs) expect a drastic increase in their portfolio of content and application offerings—from a handful now, to thousands in the very near future. Although some of these new services will be developed in-house, the promise of applications developed and hosted externally is becoming a reality.

The vast majority of these new applications will be Web applications, such as social networking sites, sourced from partners and third-party developers and executed outside the CSP’s network. This creates a very significant opportunity, yet presents a tremendous challenge around network integration, network security, shifting business models, and partner and application ecosystem management.

 With many development and deployment platforms available for communications, the focus for communications development are:

  • Application control and synchronization during network changes and browser page reloads
  • Rapid application integration with existing systems
  • Identity management between multiple devices and across web and telephony domains
  • Border and application security to prevent attacks and service abuse
  • High capacity media handling for NAT traversal, encryption, and transcoding
  • Robust and dynamic interworking with existing infrastructure

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Author: Doug Tait

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