TADSummit Preview: Vish Nandlall, CTO, IoT Industrialist, & Big Data Strategist

vish nandlallOn Thursday the 22nd September at 0930 ET we ran a TADSummit Preview with Vish Nandlall, CTO, IoT Industrialist, & Big Data Strategist. We’re now focused on looking forward to TADSummit 2016, and will be providing previews of what’s to come.  TADSummit has become The telecom innovation event in the industry, it brings the ecosystem together for a practice-focused discussion on the application of telecom capabilities, and the future of those capabilities. While TADHack is a celebration of developers, creativity, and telecom app development technologies; TADSummit focuses on making business with all those innovations.

Vish has a long history in our industry of pushing the incumbent vendors and service providers to do the right things, never an easy task. Recently, he’s produced a series of excellent articles that are well worth reading on the future of the industry:

The Art of Telecom War: Win the Next 10 Years

Rethinking Telecom For The Next 10 Years

3 Reasons Why Innovation Speed Will Disrupt You

AT TADSummit, Vish will present the Day 2 morning keynote on “Connecting the Dots, Rethinking Telecoms

The rapid growth in data combined with slower growth in service revenues is straining the incumbent Telecom industry. The key challenge facing mobile service providers is the ability to recover network investments fast enough to redeploy them for capacity upgrades. Also know as the Red Queen Race, the need to run to stay in the same (financial) position. Digital Transformation, though sounding nice, is not delivering the results; like every ‘boil the ocean’ project of the past. NFV/SDN is similarly failing because the operational model is not changing, its simply virtualizing the box and wires thinking of the past. Change the business model is the only proven option: throughout TADSummit the signposts for change are there: from the thought-leading Dangerous Demo to the many practical case studies like Philippe Vaysacc from Groupama. This keynote will connect the dots of TADSummit into how we must think about Telecoms over the next 10 years.

Ignore every “big company” event out there if you want thought-leadership, the most diverse and most incisive event for thought-leadership with a heavy dose of practice and demonstration through in is TADSummit.

Questions Received

  • You highlight the access network is commoditizing. However, this is where most of a telco’s capital investment is made, either in radio of fiber equipment. Is the future without action a commoditized ISP business? Is T-Mobile US the model of the future?
  • There’s much hype around 5G at the moment, which is an access network. Should the focus be on cost of deployment and cost of operations in a commoditized market, rather than the wishful network service thinking?
  • The Innovate, Leverage, Commodity or ILC model presents an opportunity, but with encryption does the ‘network’ even know what is being transported these days?
  • The industry continues to make vast investments of time and money in IT Transformation and NFV / SDN; without a clear ROI in sight any time soon, simply through ‘momentum’. Can telcos course-correct given this BAU (Business as Usual)?
  • Would you give us a preview of the be business models coming up in your next article? The “short head” model, (1) the media centric operator, and two “long tail” models, (2) the data marketplace and (3) the just-in-time network.

TADSummit Preview with Vish