VoIP Innovations Sponsors TADSummit 2017

VoIP InnovationsWe’re pleased to announce that VoIP Innovations will be sponsoring TADSummit 2017. VoIP Innovations offers a business class wholesale VoIP network. Their data centers, located on multiple power grids, are interconnected via a robust dark fiber network that provides scalability and flexibility. With internet transit points at each data center, they are served by multiple Tier 1 peering agreements that provide the most direct service connection. This results in reduced latency and delivers the best possible performance to their customers.

VoIP Innovations has a wholesale number warehouse that holds hundreds of thousands of numbers that are ready to be provisioned on demand. Some other unique aspects of VoIP Innovations include:

  • Remove the hassle of dealing with multiple carrier agreements by accessing dozens of industry leading carriers in one place.
  • Customers can choose a carrier using the VoIP Innovations service performance ranking system.
  • Manage number services on a customizable widget dashboard that shows information such as carrier, tier, totals, usage, features, networks, and groups.
  • Offer a brand-able end user portal that empowers enterprises, managed service providers, and other end users to control their VoIP services on demand.

VoIP Innovations is a great example of the growing importance of programmable telecoms in the telecom industry. They have an extensive network of ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) who deliver services to enterprises large and small. From VoIP Innovations, we’ll learn firsthand the impact programmable telecoms to the enterprise.

We’re excited to be part of TADSummit; its focus on practical experience is unique and important to us. Telecom technologies are evolving fast, but we must always focus on what these changes mean for our customers and provide them with solutions that deliver clear value.” – stated David Walsh, President of VoIP Innovations

TADSummit has focused on the enterprise applications of programmable telecoms since its founding in 2013, with contributions from industries such as Insurance, Finance, Banking, Call Centers, and Farming. Enterprise adoption of programmable telecoms is far beyond APIs, as that’s just a little piece of this technology. It’s about services and solutions that can easily be delivered to everyday enterprises that make or save them money. VoIP Innovations is a large VoIP service provider with an impressive enterprise reach and they bring an unmatched experience from the coal-face. We’re proud to have them as a sponsor of TADSummit.” – stated TADSummit’s founder Alan Quayle.

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