VoIP Innovations Acquires Apidaze

VoIP Innovations ApidazeCongratulations to the Apidaze team (founding TADHack and TADSummit sponsors) and to VoIP Innovations (TADSummit sponsors for 2017 and also TADHack Global partner – you may have noticed the updated Apidaze logo in the banner). We announced VoIP Innovations sponsorship back in August, and this announcement that VoIP Innovations acquires Apidaze is a great step forward in the evolution of CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) as it reaches deeper into the enterprise – its so much more than APIs. You’ll learn more and meet the team at TADSummit 2017. Forget about MWC Americas, that’s just more of the same Fake News, come to TADSummit to see what’s forcing the industry to evolve.

VoIP Innovations offers a business class wholesale VoIP network. Their data centers, located on multiple power grids, are interconnected via a robust dark fiber network that provides scalability and flexibility. With internet transit points at each data center, they are served by multiple Tier 1 peering agreements that provide the most direct service connection. This results in reduced latency and delivers the best possible performance to their customers. They are a great example of the hybrid VNOs (Virtual Network Operator), owning network assets as well as reselling assets. Adding CPaaS into their offer is an important step in enabling their ecosystem to offer much more value to businesses.

In a recent weblog, Fake News in Telecoms, I discussed how an API is just a tiny bit of technology, and focusing on the API excludes a vast section of the enterprise market, this limits sales of many CPaaS providers.

What this means is any service should be configurable by a customer to their business need, either through a web-page or a machine readable web-page (also know as an API). Enterprises want solutions to business problems, they generally buy services that help them solve problems, those services get customized, and through APIs adapted and embedded into business operations. Its a staircase of commitment, not some belief-system that adopting APIs enables digital transformation – that path only leads to failure. You’re solving a business problem with a solution that gets better adapted to your business needs.

Its a subtle thing but makes a massive difference to many service provider’s strategy, product roadmap and business results. This is exemplified by  the acquisition of Apidaze by VoIP Innovations, and we look forward to them sharing their plans and experiences at TADSummit.