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Work Stream 4, Disruptive Developers

On Day 2 we ran 3 streams in parallel. This weblog reviews work stream 4 “Disruptive Developers”. That is people using telecom capabilities to disrupt existing businesses, or simply provide better services. Presenting were: Moshe Maeir, Founder, Fone.Do; Martin Giess, Co-Founder, Emnify; Cyrille Manente, COO, Vivaction; Joachim Vanheuverzwijn, CTO, Securax Ltd (Zoiper); Drew Johnson, VP Engineering, Aeris Communications; and Alexis Bonillo, Co-Founder and COO, Zen.ly. We kicked off stream 4 with Moshe Maeir, Fone.Do presenting “Moving … Continue reading Work Stream 4, Disruptive Developers