Work Stream 4, Disruptive Developers

disruptive developersOn Day 2 we ran 3 streams in parallel. This weblog reviews work stream 4 “Disruptive Developers”. That is people using telecom capabilities to disrupt existing businesses, or simply provide better services. Presenting were: Moshe Maeir, Founder, Fone.Do; Martin Giess, Co-Founder, Emnify; Cyrille Manente, COO, Vivaction; Joachim Vanheuverzwijn, CTO, Securax Ltd (Zoiper); Drew Johnson, VP Engineering, Aeris Communications; and Alexis Bonillo, Co-Founder and COO,

We kicked off stream 4 with Moshe Maeir, Fone.Do presenting “Moving the PBX from the Cloud to the Web – What does that mean?” Moshe explained the future of Web based PBXes. And his experiences in developing a WebRTC based PBX at

Next Martin Giess, Co-Founder, EMnify presented on “Be a Virtual Mobile Network for your M2M/IoT Devices.” Its never been easier to act as an MVNO and take control over mobile connectivity. Management and provisioning of SIM cards and mobile network resources is easy through APIs. We’ll show a demo of provisioning, SMS, data session control, and even voice.

Cyrille Manente, COO, Vivaction presented “Squareway, a Secure Private 3G Network.” The need for ensuring confidentiality of data flows on smartphone/tablets is creating the category of Secure MVNO (SMVNO). The idea behind Squareway to be able to add Confidentiality as a Service for business and consumers.

Joachim Vanheuverzwijn, CTO, Securax Ltd (Zoiper) and Ivo Dobrev presented on “The painless adding of OTT services to the Smile voLTE network, a case study.” A case study on how the revolutionary African LTE operator SMILE and the Zoiper Softphone team designed their operator OTT services around Kamailio for streamlined interworking between OTT and voLTE while avoiding additional complexity in the core network.

Drew Johnson, VP Engineering, Aeris Communications presented on “Forget Mobile-First … Move your customers to IoT-First.” Aeris is a global IoT connectivity, data, and analytics services provider. We will share key lessons on building a successful M2M/IoT business as a carrier and how to move customers toward an IoT-First approach.

And to wrap up the session, Alexis Bonillo, Co-Founder and COO, presented on “Zenly Goes Viral Using Globally Scalable User Authentication API.” In this session, learn how viral real-time location app Zenly increased their global reach by nearly 30% by using Nexmo’s powerful user authentication API, Verify, to provide the most seamless user verification and app installation process possible.