Work Stream 1, Meet the TADHack Developers

TADHack DevelopersOn Day 1 after lunch we ran 3 streams in parallel. This weblog reviews the work stream “Meet the TADHack Developers”. Presenting were: Thomas Howe, Communications Service Designer,; Ben Klang, Founder, Principal & Technology Strategist, Mojo Lingo; Antón Rodríguez Yuste, Telecom Software Engineer, Optare Solutions; Chad Hart, Chief Editor & Independent Consultant, webrtcHacks; João Trindade, Android Developer, Talkdesk; and Gloria Bueno Perea, Android Developer, MashMeTV.

We kicked off stream 1 with Thomas Howe, KISST turns your business phone number into a text-based auto-attendant. People prefer to text these days, and KISST makes it easy for any business, large or small to add this capability for $30 per month. Thomas will share his experiences in building this business on Telecom APIs.

Next came Ben Klang, Mojo Lingo on Contextual Communications in the Real World. Review of current contextual communication case studies, including examples of communications embedded into business processes, games, and other apps. What works, what doesn’t, and where is contextual comms going?

Antón Rodríguez Yuste, Optare Solutions presented on “Heart Rate Monitor, Intel TADHACK Prize Winner.” An IoT (Internet of Things) hack with a heart rate monitor using WebRTC to send data to the doctor.

Chad Hart, webrtcHacks presented on  “Third Eye Hack, Why TADHack Matters, and a Vision for WebRTC.” A quick review of my winning hack Third Eye. A review of why TADHack is revolutionizing hackathons in opening them up to many more people thanks to how easy technologies have become to use. And my vision on what WebRTC will mean to telecom app development.

João Trindade, Android Developer, Talkdesk presented on “TADCall pitch, and why Developer Education is critical.” TADCall is a Python/Django app on the backend that exposes several endpoint via a REST interface to the TADCall webpage which provides discardable numbers. I will also share my experience at TADHack and why developer education is critical to the future of the telecom industry.

We wrapped up the session with Gloria Bueno Perea, MashMeTV who presented on “Getting to know MashMeIO”. MashMeIO is a social cloud-based platform that allows video calls while sharing synchronised experiences and multimedia content using only the browser. Thanks to WebRTC, MashMeIO is a multi user collaboration platform where every user sends and receives data from all participants.

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