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TADSummit Sponsor Plenary: The Brain Trust of Our Industry

After the “Carnival of the Creators” everyone knew they were somewhere special. We had also reached peak attendance with lunch being provided. So the timing was perfect for the brain trust of our industry to present, that is the sponsors of TADSummit, in the: Sponsors’ Plenary – The Brain Trust of Our Industry. Here Come the … Continue reading TADSummit Sponsor Plenary: The Brain Trust of Our Industry

TADSummit Preview: Telestax

On Thursday the 6th October at 0900 ET we ran a TADSummit Preview with Nancy Colwell VP Marketing, and Jean Deruelle Co-Founder and CTO, both of Telestax. We’re now focused on looking forward to TADSummit 2016, and will be providing previews of what’s to come, you can see previous Previews here.  TADSummit has become The telecom … Continue reading TADSummit Preview: Telestax

World’s Largest Live ‘Cloud Based Mobile Network’

It all began in June last year, at the first ever TADHack in Madrid. We hacked together Metaswitch’s Project Clearwater IMS and Telestax’s RestComm application server, running on Ubuntu and provisioned in real-time using juju. You can see the hack here: IMS in Minutes, with over 1300 views, such a niche topic is relatively popular. … Continue reading World’s Largest Live ‘Cloud Based Mobile Network’

World-First with TADSummit Demo

World’s First Demo of Live, Open Source Telecom Service Runs in the Cloud … and All in Software Sponsors of Telecom Application Developer Summit – including Truphone, Canonical, TeleStax and Metaswitch – demonstrate the world’s first provisioning and operation of cloud-based IMS core and application server for live voting service using Truphone network. Four pioneering telecom ecosystem … Continue reading World-First with TADSummit Demo

Day Two Morning Plenary, TADSummit Demo

Day Two started where Day One finished, with real practical demonstrations of service innovation.  In this case is was with a TADSummit Demo from Canonical, Metaswitch, Telestax and Truphone.  It was a world-first demonstration of a live telephone voting service running on Ubuntu, Metaswitch and Telestax software provisioned and launched into operation over the Truphone network in … Continue reading Day Two Morning Plenary, TADSummit Demo

Building the TAD Ecosystem

Given the feedback received since the release of the TAD Manifesto and the responses to the TAD Questionnaires, Telecom application developers range from: Hardcore Telecom Application Developers building communications platforms and services on open source and proprietary platforms such as OpenCloud, Asterisk, Free Switch, Mobicents, Clearwater, etc..  These are the developers that understand re-origination, codec … Continue reading Building the TAD Ecosystem

Helping baby boomers age safely with Telecom APIs (Restcomm)

When a web or mobile application developer talks about their latest app, one of the very first questions they answer is what application server hosts the server side of the app. It is safe to guess that the answer is either Java EE, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python Django, or Node.js. All of these technologies … Continue reading Helping baby boomers age safely with Telecom APIs (Restcomm)

RestComm Sample Voice Application: Doctor’s Appointment

One of the sessions at TADS will cover Restcomm – a popular Open Source Cloud Communications platform from the Mobicents Project family, built on Mobicents SIP Servlets, Mobicents Media Server, Java EE (JBoss or Tomcat) and other Open Source ingredients. In a series of blog posts, we will cover different technical aspects of Restcomm in … Continue reading RestComm Sample Voice Application: Doctor’s Appointment