Comverse buys Solaiemes

comverse solaiemes tadhack tadsummitSolaiemes, a founding sponsor of TADHack, was recently acquired by Comverse. Solaiemes focuses on two of the fastest growing market segments in the service provider and enterprise markets: mobile broadband / rich communications and WebRTC.

Solaiemes has been a trail blazer in RCS and WebRTC, introducing innovative ideas, services and solutions to the market. These include:

  • The unique RCS Monetization Gateway that allows mobile operators to rapidly monetize their RCS investments;
  • The novel concept of an RCS Storefront from where consumers can buy and download RCS apps from 3rd party developers;
  • The RCS Ad Server application for chat, messaging and audio/video services. This application enables new revenue streams for mobile operators;
  • The WebRTC/RCS Solution that extends the reachability of LTE/RCS services to web-based endpoints. This is applicable to both the enterprise and consumer market segments; and
  • Introducing the vision of “RCS as a Platform” to the market place, which is starting to gain traction as a cost-effective RCS option

In 2012, GSMA selected Solaiemes as the official provider of the technology to power the RCS Joyn Innovation Accelerator program. The Innovation Accelerator was launched to give developers global access to a live GSMA RCS network where they can build and test RCS services and applications.

The Solaiemes technology and services blends with and strengthens the Comverse Digital Services vision and portfolio. The addition of Solaiemes will allow Comverse to provide greater value and a richer set of choices.

Its great to see TADSummit and TADHack sponsors achieving such success, enabling them to open a new chapter in their growth as being part of Comverse gives Solaiemes the global infrastructure to support all telcos.

Solaiemes is a sponsor of TADSummit, so you’ll be able to congratulate them and see firsthand what their combined offer with Comverse means to your business.