TADS Vision and TADSummit 2014 Website Live

tadsummitThe TADSummit website is live, you can see we have an unprecedented line-up of sponsors and partners supporting TADS including:

Sponsors: APEX Communications, Apidaze, Ericsson, hSenid Mobile, Huawei, Nexmo, OpenCloud, Oracle, Shango, Solaiemes, Telestax, Tropo, Ubuntu / Canonical, and Voxbone.

Partners: Metaswitch, Truphone, Tyntec and many more helping get the word out on what we’re trying to build.

TADHack and TADSummit are focused on building an essential component of the Telecoms industry, the telecom application developer ecosystem that creates new services and customer value to address the revenue decline from the commoditization of voice and messaging. Only by working together can we make this happen and drive new revenues into the industry. And all the sponsors and partners listed above show they can and are working together to make the TADS Vision a reality.

The outline agenda is shown in this weblog. The agenda focuses on two things: Telco Case Studies (new insights) to share learning and best practices; and uniquely facilitated group discussions (Work Streams) to deliver recommendations and actions to enable telcos to compete and survive. And we’re already discussing the questions to be tackled in Work Stream 2 on Ecosystem Operations and Work Stream 5 on Service Innovation Processes. In service innovation the greatest competitors are NOT the other telcos, its every other web-based service provider. Competition is intense, disruptive and is going to get much tougher through the rest of this decade.

The fight to remain relevant to customers as service providers is on. TADSummit is about being a real Summit in bringing the best and the brightest together to understand what is working, what is not, and what we need to do about it. The event will be practice where to buy diazepam 5mg focused, no nebulous and generic processes, nor recommendations based on supposition rather than hard-won experience. Everyone involved is working at the coal-face of the industry in service innovation, or about to get there. Jose Recio from recently acquired Solaiemes by Comverse put it quite simply, “The TAD movement reaches ‘doers’ and ‘action takers’ far more than the usual slideware recyclers.

TADHack 2014 (6/7 June) proved a phenomenal success:

  • Global registrations: close to 700.
  • On the day global attendance: close to 500
  • Hacks Generated: 60+
  • Satellites: 5 (Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, Pune India, Chicago USA, and remote).
  • Simultaneous viewing of the live video streams: 126
  • TADHack focuses on developers and the technology / ecosystem providers
  • Check out the TADHack YouTube channel to see all the service innovations, and the TADHack photos.

TADSummit 2014 (12/13 November Istanbul) is focused on operators and technology / ecosystem providers across the following topics:

  • Solving the challenges of go-to-market, commercialization, intellectual property, lightweight processes, and much more that the leading telcos are trying to solve around service innovation;
  • Exploration of deep dive Telco case studies on service innovation;
  • Meet TADHack winners and Telecom Application Developer celebrities to understand an essential component of the service innovation ecosystem;
  • Workshops focused on sharing go-to-market, commercialization experiences, best practices, building a support community of service innovators, as well as technology deep dives in WebRTC, in-call services, etc.; and
  • The best and the brightest are coming together to help build the telecom application developer ecosystem and successfully commercialize its service innovation pipeline.

TADS is an independent grassroots initiative to raise the profile of telecom application developers with the resources to support them, and create a sustainable and profitable telecom application ecosystem. TADSummit will be a fun, intense and profitable two days in Istanbul.

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