Shango sponsors TADSummit

shango sponsor tadsummitShango is proud to announce its sponsorship of Telecom Application Developer Summit. Shango is fully aligned with the TADS Manifesto and builds its product based on the realization that the innovation that subscribers want to leverage is built exponentially faster on the outside of the operator networks. Shango Unify is a bridge that joins external innovation into the operator’s product portfolio in a unique way.

Introduction to the Shango Smart Bytes Videos from Shango on Vimeo.

Shango Unify provides operators the capability of empowering their subscribers to link 3rd party services directly to their existing telephone number. Unlike other platform approaches which focus on developers building services directly to the operator APIs, Shango Unify takes care of that, and provides a normalized layer of integration. This provides a one-to-many model for both operators and developers, allowing operators access to pre-integrated services, and also allowing developers to be discovered by many operators and pulled directly into their product offerings with minimal integration effort.

Shango Unify can also alleviate the developer from having to purchase wholesale telco from another provider, allowing a subscribers existing telephone number to be used instead by bringing the operators’ telco directly into a developer’s service.

Given the highly limited resources of most developers, even with standardized operator APIs, the time and cost associated with integrating into multiple carriers can be fully exhausting. Likewise, Unify helps the telecom applications developers integrate to operator resources more easily and efficiently by providing a common interface to all of the operators who are leveraging Shango Unify.

Shango is excited to join forces with the TADS community to help evolve and transform the telecommunications industry.

by Evin Hunt, CTO Shango