RestComm Client iOS SDK update – Now on the Simulator!

With iOS Device support already in place, this iteration comes to add the iOS simulator in our RestComm Client library!
We were able to use the simulator to do whatever we did with a device in the previous iteration (calls -without media for now- instant messages, etc)
That means even users without an actual iOS device will be able to play/experiment with it.
Apparently, the problem was that the environment in which Sofia SIP was built wasn’t configured properly. There are *a lot* of scripts out there doing just that. That is configuring the OSX shell environment so that a following configure/build of the library will use the proper SDK includes, libs, tools, etc. The problem is that all missed some detail that caused us headaches. Anyway, with some research, tweaking and a lot of troubleshooting we were able to build for the simulator last night. So now we support i386, x86_64 (simulator), armv7, armv7s (device) with a single Sofia SIP fat library, which is included in our RestComm library.