You’re an innovator— so is Tyntec. Let’s meet at TADSummit!

tyntecTyntec, is a mobile interaction specialist and a proud partner of this year’s TADSummit. We’re the preferred partner of the largest OSP (Online Service Providers), enterprises and carriers . As innovators ourselves, tyntec is integral in bringing together the disparate worlds of traditional telecom and web, enabling them to develop business models and mutually beneficial strategies.

For developers this means tyntec enables an easy, single point-of-access to integrate SMS, voice and mobile numbers for a range of uses—from mission critical applications to ID authentication and internet services.

Twelve years ago, the world viewed SMS as a low-grade tool, but the robust platform developed by tyntec changed all that. As the first to provide SS7-based SMS services and launch quality standards (SLA’s or Service Level Agreements), we delivered a quick, buy diazepam online europe high-quality & cost-effective way for companies of all types to integrate mobile services to increase the value to their customers.

Our in house development team works to improve and enhance our proprietary infrastructure. It’ s what sets us apart and what enables our customers to take advantage of the maximum in flexibility, security and options for integrating services into traditional telecom.

With 6 offices, over 150 staff members and 500+ businesses worldwide, we look forward to events like the TADSummit to meet old friends, welcome new faces and discuss the challenges and successes of developing applications for the telecom service environment. Meet up with us or get in touch at

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