Introduction to Huawei GSIC (Global Service Innovation Cloud)

GSICHuawei serves more people on the planet through its telecom operator customers than any other vendor, roughly 5 billion. The reach Huawei provides for telecom application developers to go global is unparalleled. GSIC (Global Service Innovation Cloud) is a broad initiative to expand the telecom application developer community to every corner of the world, it was announced today at Huawei’s Innovation and Transformation customer event in Bali.

Traditionally a developer community was simply an attempt to convince developers to use some SDK, API or platform. Developers should be free to choose what’s right for them, they are the experts in their services. GSIC is focused on the core value Huawei/Telcos provide to developers, channel to market.

At TADSummit Jujian, Director Business Development, Digital Services, Huawei Technologies will present “Huawei helps telecom app developers reach 5B+ customers”  on Wednesday 18th November from 1020 to 1040.

We will run a Huawei GSIC (Global Service Innovation Cloud) Workshop on 18th November from 16:00 to 18:30. The planned agenda is:

  • Welcome by Jujian, Director Business Development, Digital Services, Huawei Technologies (5 mins)
  • Introduction to GSIC and what Huawei plans to do, Mac Taylor (15 mins)
  • GSIC website walkthrough, Geani and Fulinlin, International Partner Managers, Digital Services, Huawei Technologies (15 mins)
  • GSIC partners speak their mind on why they’ve got involved in a panel discussion: Locatrix, Apidaze, Telestax, RogerVoice (20 mins)
  • Networking over some drinks

If you would like to attend the Huawei GSIC Workshop please contact for further information.

In addition here’s an FAQ to answer some of your initial questions about GSIC, the workshop will answer many more and enable you to meet the people driving GSIC.

What is Huawei GSIC?

Huawei GSIC is an open global ecosystem of services using telecom capabilities. Through Huawei’s telco customers GSIC has an unparalleled reach of 5 billion+ end customers.

What is the value of GSIC to a developer?

If you have a commercial service that uses telecom capabilities, GSIC can take it global. The cultural differences between Telcos and Developers is vast, but the value created from working together is also vast. We think there is a $150B opportunity, and we want developers, telcos and Huawei to get their fair share of that opportunity.

How is Huawei GSIC open?

All approved services are searchable by any visitor to the website, no login is required, it is open to all. So Telcos can learn about interesting services and then work with Huawei and the GSIC partner to deploy them in the telco’s country or countries of operations.

What is Huawei’s role?

Beyond providing the GSIC website we are actively promoting services to our telco customers. We then work with the telco and GSIC partner to make the service a success in the Telco’s country of operation. This is a new way of doing business, we’re innovating, and we want to work together to create new business.

Why can’t Telcos and GSIC partners work together directly?

They can, GSIC is an open global ecosystem. In our experience there is a critical role Huawei fulfills in bridging the Telco and the service partner. This is the secret sauce Huawei applies to make GSIC a unique and new business opportunity.

Why is their an approval process?

We’re focused on telecom-enabled services. Where it makes sense for a telco to sell those services. GSIC is not about selling games, music, or content. Its about selling a specific category of services that use capabilities such as telecom APIs (including scripts and forms/templates), WebRTC and open source telecom/web software, enterprise comms and on-demand services, identity and federation, legacy services and IMS, messaging, location, payments, and more. Search the service categories in the GSIC website to see what we mean.

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