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Why TADSummit is Special

TADSummit is bigger, better and more intense than ever, its special: 15 sponsors: WSO2.Telco, Ubuntu, Truphone, Tropo, Telestax, Oracle, Nexmo, Metaswitch, Matrix, Huawei, hSenid Mobile, Genband, Ericsson, Dialogic, and APIdaze. 22 partners: Thanks to CMTelecom, Opencell, Zoiper; and existing partners Tyntec, VUC, webrtcH4CKS, and Disruptive Analysis for all their help and support. 7 events happening around TADSummit: Cloud … Continue reading Why TADSummit is Special

Introduction to Huawei GSIC (Global Service Innovation Cloud)

Huawei serves more people on the planet through its telecom operator customers than any other vendor, roughly 5 billion. The reach Huawei provides for telecom application developers to go global is unparalleled. GSIC (Global Service Innovation Cloud) is a broad initiative to expand the telecom application developer community to every corner of the world, it was … Continue reading Introduction to Huawei GSIC (Global Service Innovation Cloud)